Call for Presentations

The Carlisle Journeys schedule for October 6, 2018 will include opening and closing speaker presentations with three panel discussions focused on several themes.

Morning panel theme: Finding a “safe space” for visiting descendants on the site of the Carlisle Indian School grounds and introducing efforts to restore the farmhouse where Outing students worked and trained.  Moderated by Dr. Louellyn White, granddaughter of farmhouse Outing student.

Afternoon panel: CIIS descendant responses to their families’ enrollment in the school. There has been emphasis on the issues of “survivance” as regards BIA, mission and government funded boarding schools.  Moderated by Ory Cuellar.

Afternoon panel: How do we talk about Indian Country today as manifested by the strength of Indian people, their sustaining cultures and the government to government relationships to those who are still here. Moderated by Gary Gordon, past chair of the Carlisle Journeys committee.

For the panels, we invite descendants to share presentations and stories tied to all boarding schools modeled after Carlisle in the U.S. and Canada. The moderated panels will consist of three fifteen minute talks, followed by a fifteen minute discussion Question and Answer wrap up for the panel.  Please send a brief outline, limit 500 words, describing your interest in this theme and plan for a fifteen minute presentation/talk. We welcome participation by descendants and ask that those who would like to be on one of the panels, please email  your brief description to Cara Curtis, email: Deadline for this call for presentations is June 30, 2018.

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